24 Aug 2017

Total Eclipse 2017 – Aurora Nebraska

Images were taken by Adam Freygang from Aurora Nebraska Leadership Center on August 21st 2017.
Totality occurred at 1:00:17 CDT and lasted 2 min, 19 seconds.

“Cloud cover harassed us most of the morning, causing several of the campers to leave the site about 5AM in search of clearer skies. Crowd turnout may have been lower due to morning clouds. Less people = cleaner bathrooms 🙂 ”

Weather data for the location can be found here: Wunderground/history

20 min before totality, we couldn’t see the sun at all. 100% coverage. So the Event MC decided to ask over the loudspeaker if there was anyone who wanted to volunteer as the official “Clear Skies Coordinator” thus being responsible for making sure the skies would be clear. Nobody took him up on the offer. It was looking bleak. There was lots of humidity in the atmosphere but slowly as the sun got dimmer, the thicker lower atmosphere clouds dissipated, and only ice crystals at high altitude remained allowing us a really good view of totality. (ANY is better than clouds) These ice crystals also caused a multicolored sun-dog after the eclipse. The moisture in the air caused the light to diffuse and added to the difficulty of capturing the eclipse.
When totality occurred, the tablet crashed qDSLR and upon reboot, the camera shutter servomotor jammed. Its nearly a decade old, so it does jam. I have a hole drilled in the bottom of the case to allow access to the gear wheel and I keep a paperclip on hand to jostle it loose and begin shooting pics again.


Camera: Nikon D60 circa 2008.
Camera Controller: Samsung Galaxy TAB4 – qDSLR Dashboard software.
Lens: Meade 8″ LX90 – 203mm aperture, 2000mm focal length. GPS servo Alt/Az mount.
Focal Reducer: Meade 4000 Series – F6.3 Focal Reducer/Field flatter – Increases FOV and reduces magnification.
Telescope Controller: The Meade LX90 does not come with the sun in the database for safety reasons. You can add it yourself for solar viewing/tracking. Or use a program like Stellarium. on a laptop. I left the generator at home, so I did not have the power to run the laptop for 5 hours, I tracked the scope using the standard handbox.
Filter: Spectrum Telescope Model: ST9312G Glass Filter.
Wine: 14 Hands Red Blend.

See you in 2024!

Videos from other viewers in Aurora Nebraska: